Reasons Why Organic is best

Reasons Why Organic is best

Reasons Why Organic is best

1. No organic produce has been sprayed with poisonous chemicals. When you compare it to conventional produce you find around 30 poisons of various composites on it even after you washed it.

2. Intensive traditional farming is harmful to health of workers. You find larger numbers of major diseases like cancer and respiratory problems in workers working on conventional farms.

3. It is not nearly as expensive as many make it out to be especially when you compare it to intensively farmed foods. Each year billions are spent to clean up messes left through agrochemicals in water supply caused by traditional farming methods.

4. An organic farm nurture and support the earth’s diverse and magnificent wildlife. During the centuries dramatic erosions of soil, destruction of hedgerows, loss in wild birds life, wild mammals, grass snakes, frogs and beautiful butterflies were destroyed via traditional farming methods, whereas organic farming preserve all of that.

5. Organic simply taste a whole lot better with loads of flavour and juices with limitless variety. When you look at one simple example like a potato, you will find over 100 various kinds of organic varieties in potatoes alone.

6. Organic meat is safe and dairy product as well. Farm animals and dairy cows that are fed
antibiotic cocktails for being intensively reared, anti-parasite drugs, growth promoting hormones etc., passes on to the products like dairy and meat that consumers are exposed to.

7. When you eat organic it is the only way you can avoid consuming genetically modified produce and food. Buying organic do you not only support your own health and that of your family, but also show your mistrust for genetically modified food.

7. If that is not enough reason for you just imagine your own grandchildren also being able to play in the forests and countryside like we did once.

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