Foul Facts That Will Inspire Anyone into Organic Foods

Foul Facts That Will Inspire Anyone into Organic Foods

Foul Facts That Will Inspire Anyone into Organic Foods

1. When you look at something simple like so-called healthy whole-wheat bread you will find a whole lot more pesticide residue on the grain’s outside. Thus will an average non organic whole wheat bread be far more dangerous to your health when you compare it to a non-organic white bread. Thus if you want to taste the goodness, texture and full taste of whole wheat bread the only way to go is to buy organic whole wheat bread.

2. A non- organic farm pig will be routinely taken from his mother straight after birth in order to receive antibiotics and growth hormones. All of which ends up with you.

3. A dairy herd must be producing high volumes of milk, thus is it nothing strange to find farmers feeding their cos high protein mixes in order to boost production. When you look at the opposite side at organic herds, you will find them not being fed anything that organic pastures with zero antibiotics and zero animal proteins and hormones. Milk cows that grazes chemicals and pesticides obviously pass it on to the humans consuming dairy product, cheeses and drink their milk. You will find that DDT, Lyndane and Dioxins are often present when you test your non-organic milk.

4. Looking at chickens you find that when looking at non-organic they are not only crammed into very small and bad conditions, but also continuously pumped full of antibiotics and hormones. On the other hand will you not find an organic chicken slaughtered early and allowed a longer lifespan making them the tastier and stronger flavoured chicken.

5. Still on chickens or rather hens you see that battery hens are fed with colorants and antibiotics even though free-range varies, only certified organic eggs are from a hen that has an organic diet and are free to roam. In the UK alone over 90 percent of all eggs are from battery hens. Thus will you find that all non-organic processed food like meals and cakes that contain eggs, contain battery eggs.

6. A non-organic lettuce for example are sprayed no less than twenty five times before it is finally harvested.

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