Raw Food Possibilities and Ideas

Raw Food Possibilities and Ideas

Raw Food Possibilities and Ideas

The list of possibilities are endless even when you do not have a raw food cookbook. Yes you might wonder why there should be a cookbook for raw food when it indicates raw eating. However that is another reason why many people avoid going raw in the first place as they simply do not know what to eat to avoid it becoming monotonous.

A typical good day with a raw food diet could include: a green juice to start off your day. Take a blender and add wheatgrass, broccoli, parsley, celery and cucumber which are all incredibly healthy as you should know. A great lunch could be a scrumptious salad that consists of carrot, sauerkraut, avocado, hijiki, alfalfa, spinach, lettuce with a delicious lime juice and flax oil dressing.

For dinner have a Thai red curry of sunflower sausages, dill stuffed peppers, tomato soup and Essene bread, pecan nori rolls, oriental coleslaw, satay greens, wild hickory salad or chick pea burgers. As you can see every night you can have healthy, delicious nutritious food. These foods here are completely raw and you will be happy for the changes seen and felt by and in your body and health.

You can make a huge variety of cakes and biscuits which are in essence raw and made from vegetable, fruits, seeds, nuts and sprouts. It is easily made in a dehydrator as it allows food to be heated and fan dried without losing any nutrients.

Raw fooders are a part of society as much as vegetarians are and society has started accepting raw foods as part of healthy lifestyles. When you look back to decades ago when vegetarians were frowned upon you will not enter a restaurant today that does not have a selection of vegetarian dishes on their menu. This raw food method is something that will start appearing in restaurants as well.

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