Going Raw and Sticking To It

Going Raw and Sticking To It

Going Raw and Sticking To It

More people are going raw especially because Hollywood stars have increased to enjoy diets based on fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, juices and sprouts. Looking and feeling great is something everybody wants and imitates and this is something many find intimidating. Raw food movements are nothing new to us such as Anne Wigmore in the twentieth century as well as the Hippocrates Health Institute. They have both proved that obesity heart disease and cancer can be amazingly healed with this type of diet.

Today we still have many to learn from such as RawGuru.com. RawFood.com, Fresh- Network.com and many more. People living solely on a raw food diet say they are feeling more uplifting, inspired, energised and liberated too. Aside from that is mental focus and clarity and improved vitality also very notable.

Looking at raw food on ecological level it is factually an incredible relief on resources with zero or little processing and packing, zero cooking, and the waste is incredibly biodegradable and compostable too. Aside from that is the incredible advantage on weight with no calorie counting while nutrients are endless.

That being said is going raw not the magical cure to everything as unhealthy raw food is just as bad as any other eating. Locally grown and organically grown raw fruits and vegetables are the answer to all the questions. Take a fruit that has been sprayed with pesticides and then shipped half way around the world and compare it to a fruit that has been locally grown or organically grown. There is no comparison.

A yo-yo eating of raw food is another pitfall as many try raw foods and then succumb to temptation and enjoy all the unhealthy cooked foods they avoided, but in excess this time. Raw foods must be introduced gradually if you want to stick to it. You could for example start each day with a raw fruit smoothie instead of your cooked cereals.

A great recipe is one of fresh fruit, banana, flax oil and a glass of water. It is both filling and nutritious. You could also start by eating a raw side dish with your lunch and dinner and you will not feel like you give up everything you love.

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