Eating Organic on a Budget

Eating Organic on a Budget

Eating Organic on a Budget

1 . Regardless of where you live, even in cities is it possible to forage for wild food. You will find a fruit tree that has tree-ripened fruit on your own doorstep and eating herbs is something you find all around. Source:

2. Start baking your own cakes, cookies and bread and one of the easiest ways is investing in a bread machine. Once you through all the ingredients inside and go to bed, you will wake up in the morning and smell freshly baked bread, which is certainly the greatest smell in the world. If others can do it, so can you, it is simple and cheap too.

3. If you have the space start growing your own vegetables and fruit. If you do not have the garden space, do not neglect the possibility of indoor planters with juicy tomatoes and endless amounts of fresh herbs.

4. Do invest in cheaper cuts of organic meats, for example stewing beef and allow your creativity to take over. Eating less meat and more organic veggies and adding more high protein ingredients to your diet like leans and lentils too.

5. Try eating more veggies and fruit and include more variety including potato skins, which are delicious when fried, cauliflower and beans stalks too as well as the healthy zest of lemon and orange zests.

6. Avoid buying convenience foods even if it is organic, it will cost you a lot more than when taking time a cooking from raw ingredients only. If wastage is your concern, cook large batches and freeze for the times when your time is limited.

7. Always go to the market or supermarket with your shopping list. Once you learn to stick only to what is on the list you will find that your budget looks much healthier. Source:

8. If space allows consider keeping your own bees and chickens too.

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